We are a networking group based in Huntley, IL made of various local business professionals coming together to not just exchange business but to give back to the community together as a team as we get to know each other better and help each others business grow

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A PPNG’s member’s participation within the group is highly valued and needed to foster a thriving networking group. Effective networking can only be accomplished when members consistently interact with others and refer to one another. It is expected that those who desire to be members and those who are members will make PPNG a priority when referring every month. The Board periodically reviews membership participation and addresses those who have a high non-referral rate. Members who consistently demonstrate a high non-referral rate may be asked to leave the group and their category made available for candidacy.

Monthly Meeting Guidelines

  • Make it a priority to attend the scheduled meetings and volunteer events
  • Be willing to refer to the members every month 
  • Max out at no more than 2 networking groups plus a max of 1 with a chamber. 
  • Stay for the entire meeting
  • Stay off cell phones for the duration of the meeting
  • Follow the meeting agenda
  • Stay on the topic at hand
  • Keep other topics at bay until their time
  • Participate in conversations in member page
  • Be here to give, not just to receive business